Time to Reset your Palate
July 20, 2021
How often have you heard someone saying they only like Shiraz or do not like Pinotage?

More than often these decisions are based on a preference or experience they had many years ago.

The sad part is that this effectively brings what could have been an exciting and rewarding Journey through Wine to a premature end,

This brings me to an inspirational story of a Medical Specialist in the USA who describes himself as Wine Snob who only drank specific and Expensive wines from specific estates until he got Covid.

Having been extremely ill it took some time for him to recover and even longer to get his smell and taste back. Whilst he does not wish Covid upon anybody he says that one of the best things that came from it is that it reset his palate and allowed him to resume his own Wine Journey.

He now enjoys nothing more than tasting various wines with wide ranging price points from all over the world and has been surprised with how many different ones he really likes that are reasonably priced.

The moral of the story is, that life is too short to let our minds limit our options and stop us from exploring the Beautiful Journey called Wine.

To resume your own journey, we suggest you get a mixed case or two of all the wines from our family estates.

Time, to let the fun begin.