Winemaking is not for the Feint Hearted
February 9, 2021

Between our families we have been making wines for many generations, in fact centuries. A remarkable feat considering the number of storms we weathered and survived over the years.
These include wars, political upheaval, flooding, droughts, wildfires, plant diseases, a devaluing currency, rising costs, increased regulation, illegal trade, growing number of local and global competitors, load shedding, pandemics, and bans to name just a few.
Whilst wine making is often seen as the Epitome of Living the Good Life, from experience we can tell you that this is an over romanticisation of what is a very tough and demanding job. The fact is that over and above making good wines, you need to be mentally and physically tough, hardworking, passionate, tenacious, and innovative to make it on this industry.
If you ask some of the new kids on the block, they will often tell you that “If you want to make a little money out of wine, you need to start with a lot of money”.
To survive many wine farms has had to diversify and innovate to ensure their survival by creating other revenue streams. These more than often includes onsite restaurants, tasting rooms, accommodation, live events, markets and wedding and conference venues
Unfortunately, these venues and activities which traditionally provided welcome financial relief for the Wine Farmer has become an additional financial burden during the Pandemic.
To top all of this, many wine farms have also now been forced to sell their wines at a discount (often below cost) just to generate some cashflow to keep the lights on till things return to normal.
We really appreciate your loyal and unwavering support over the years and more particularly during these extremely challenging times. But would like to appeal to you to consider this, the next time you look at the price before you buy a bottle or case of wine.